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On Edge Reading Series

Open to ECU and the public

The Writing Centre presents the On Edge Reading Series, which seeks to enrich literary and writing communities both inside and outside of the Emily Carr University community.

The 2021 season will highlight the work of BIPOC writers and marginalized writing communities such as those involved in sex work, and those at the intersections of race, mental illness, disability, and queerness. We will showcase nine poets who are doing the freshest, most interesting, relevant work, and who are volunteers, literary award winners, social justice organizers, prison abolitionists, literary organizers, dancers, managing editors, filmmakers, creative writing instructors, and scholars.


JAN 18 – Cecily Nicholson, Hari Alluri + Junie Désil
FEB 9 – Amber Dawn + Justin Ducharme
MAR 2 – Brandi Bird, Emily Riddle + Jessica Johns
MAR 18 – jaye simpson
MAR 25 – Billy-Ray Belcourt

For more information on each reading, including biographies of the writers, please visit our Facebook Page.

Curated and hosted by Mercedes Eng, and co-hosted by Vance Wright.

All readings start at 6pm PST and are open to the public.

This season’s poster (click to enlarge):

How to join:

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    Or you can e-mail directly for the link and if you have any questions.


    January – March 2021


    Wordsmiths Online

    Creative writers unite!

    Wordsmiths is running during Summer 2021 too! Same time, same place.

    Creative writers! Join us for this weekly get-together for camaraderie, creative writing exercises, workshopping and relaxed conversation about creative writing, poetry and storytelling! Writers welcome at any stage of and with any kind of creative writing (graphic novels, poetry, scripts, etc.)

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      Or you can e-mail directly for the link and if you have any questions.

      • What: A club for creative writers–experienced or aspiring
      • Who: All students, regardless of experience.
      • When: Mondays, 4:30-6PM PT
      • Where: Online in a Zoom room

      4:30 – 6PM PST every Monday


      Foundation Writing Group

      Theme: Multilingualism

      The Foundation Writing Group theme this year is:

      Untangle your confusion about academic writing – Harmonizing your multilingual voices in writing

      Was writing your Midterm essay a tiring, frustrating, and confusing process?

      Are you trying to grasp what everybody in art school means when they say “writing goes hand in hand with artmaking?”

      Didn’t you apply to art school so that you could, well, make art? But instead you’re just writing about art?

      If you answer YES to any of these questions, you’re not alone!

      We are happy to invite you to the annual Foundation Writing Group with the theme Multilingualism to better understand and practice Foundation year writing alongside other Foundation students.

      Whatever language you speak, we know that it’s never easy to speak up when you’re in a new place alone. You might need some help to navigate this new online academic environment.

      Hosted by Thu, a multilingual peer tutor at the Writing Centre, this group is where you can raise questions you’re too afraid to ask in class, answer other people’s questions, or simply just to check in with other Foundation students about their writing process.

      Thu is a peer tutor who has worked with plenty of multilingual and international Foundation students on various genres, from the Formal Analysis to the Exhibition Review. She was editorial staff on the first Foundation Anthology and provided mentorship for the 2020 edition.

      Come in with questions, drafts, plans, ambitions, and humour!

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        Or you can e-mail directly for the link and if you have any questions.

        • What: A group for Foundation students to practice and connect over writing, particularly (but not limited to) multilingual students
        • Who: All Foundation students, regardless of experience.
        • When: Thursdays, 11:30 – 12:30PM PST
        • Where: Online in a Zoom room


        11:30AM – 12:30PM PST every Thursday


        Letter Writing Club

        Bringing back snail mail

        We may say letter writing but we’re up to so much more! Pop into our Zoom room on Fridays between 4-5PM PST and join us for writing, talking about postage, sharing ideas, mail art/pen pal community information and chats with fellow letter writing enthusiasts, among other things!

        Enter your ECUAD email below to have the meeting link sent straight to your inbox!

          Or you can e-mail directly for the link and if you have any questions.

          • What: A club for letter writers from all backgrounds
          • Who: All students, regardless of experience.
          • When: Fridays, 4-5PM PST
          • Where: Online in a Zoom room


          4 – 5PM PST every Friday


          Grad Writing Group

          for graduate students

          4 – 6PM PST every Monday


          Building Off Blocks Writing Workshops

          Runs January + February 2021

          In this three part series, Emily Carr University student and Writing Centre consultant, Jourdan Tymkow, will be leading writers through a collaborative series of exercises and discussions while utilizing Leanne Betasamosake Simpson’s newest novel, Noopiming, as a container to think and feel through the following:

          SESSION 1: JANUARY 25, 3:30PM PST

          Befriend Writing Blocks:

          In the first session we will start by getting comfortable with the group and then introducing writing blocks as intelligent entities that are separate from us, yet live within us and often leave us creatively stuck. This session concludes with practices to be in relationship with our blocks as a way to navigate “stuckness”.

          SESSION 2: FEBRUARY 8, 3:30PM PST

          Being Writing Blocks:

          In the second session, the focus will be on working through our “stuckness” by embodying our blocks and allowing our bodily wisdom and somatic practices to shift the block into new ways of being that may be more helpful in the creative process(es).

          SESSION 3: FEBRUARY 22, 3:30PM PST

          Beyond Writing Blocks:

          In the final session, we will integrate the emotional and bodily understandings of our personal creative and writing blocks by using exercises that emphasize creative and experimental forms of writing.

          As this is a collaborative writing group, all shared thoughts, ideas, and exercises will (with consent) be available at the end of the series in a finalized document for future experiments and creative practice.


          All workshops will be hosted on Zoom and will be about 1.5 hours per session.

          Please RSVP through:
          There will be a 12 person capacity with waitlist available.

          January 25, February 8 and 22 at 3:30PM PST


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