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Online Chat + Written Feedback Appointments

We offer two types of online appointments:

1. Online Chat appointments are not that different from our traditional face-to-face appointments, except that, well, you don’t have to physically be in the same room. You still book an appointment for a set time and show up for that appointment, but you show up in our online consultation space and use webcam and/or audio to communicate. These appointments are great for brainstorming, asking questions about your written or studio assignments, or feedback at any stage of the process through conversation and collaboration.

2. Written Feedback appointments (only recommended for 2nd year and up and for written work) are great for those who are unable to find time to meet with a tutor due to timezone differences. You simply upload your writing and receive your feedback by end of the appointment! These appointments are great when you have a lot of writing already done and have a clear understanding of the assignment. They are not good for brainstorming appointments. Please note, the feedback will be in the form of comments and questions – tutors will not do detailed editing for grammar.

Click here for information on how to book and use Written Feedback appointments.

Here is how to use Writing Centre’s Online Chat appointments in 5 easy steps

1) Log into our booking site with your ECU login credentials.

2. Find a writing consultant who offers Online Chat appointments. Click on a white square, which indicates an available appointment slot (you can book 30-60 minutes a day, up to 90 minutes a week)

open slots indicated by white square

3) Select the appropriate appointment type (Online Chat, in this case):

4) Fill out the rest of the pop-up window form. When it’s time for your appointment, log back into the system, click on your appointment and then click the “START ONLINE CHAT APPOINTMENT” link.

5) Once you click that link, a new window will open showing three panels: a video consultation panel on the left (if camera and mic are turned on), a whiteboard space in the middle where you can upload or paste your text, and a text chat panel on the right:

Most people seem to prefer the text chat option, in which case just turn off your video and start typing in the lower right hand corner.

And that’s all there is to it! Just another easy way to work with the Writing Centre.

Need to cancel or make changes to your appointment?

You have up until 60 minutes prior to the start of the appointment to make any changes. You can simply log back in and click on your appointment to cancel or edit it. If it is past the 60 minute limit, you must e-mail us at If you are concerned that you do not have enough writing for your appointment, please consider meeting your tutor anyway for a brainstorming session!