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Hi friends, I’m Cherry (like the fruit)!  I use she / her pronouns and I’m currently a 3D animation student at Emily Carr. I love cartoons, sweets, and anything in pastel colors!

I was born in Taiwan, and lived in China for a few years before coming to Canada. So in addition to English, I know both Traditional and Simplified Mandarin, as well as a tiny bit of basic Japanese too. Learning languages has definitely been a big part of my adventure in Canada — especially through writing. I always love to think of words as a fun medium to share all kinds of stories and to connect with one another. Though big essays and long reports can definitely be stressful, I have experience in academic writing to help you out! I also enjoy creative writing, my favorite things to write are definitely birthday cards and letters 🙂

I’d love to get to know you! Feel free to come chat with me (and tell me about your birthday so I can make you a card) I’ll try to be your best cheerleader on your very own writing journey!