Nice to meet you, I’m Cherry (like the fruit)! Currently I’m a 3D animation student at Emily Carr, and an aspiring illustrator in my free time. I use she / her pronouns, and as you can probably tell, my favorite colour is pastel pink!

I was born in Taiwan, and lived in China for a few years before coming to Canada at grade 5. So in addition to English, I know both Traditional and Simplified Mandarin, as well as a tiny bit of basic Japanese too! Learning languages has definitely been a big part of my adventure in Canada — especially through writing. Sometimes it can be scary and stressful too, but I always loved to think of writing as another fun art medium to explore, express, and get creative with!

I’d love to get to know you and your writing journey too! Feel free to chat with me whenever, I’ll be sure to bring you some happiness and pinkiness 🙂