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Hello!! My name is Tenaya (she/her) I’m a fourth-year industrial design student and creative writer. My work in the Writing Centre entails being a peer tutor, a Co-facilitator of the Design Writing Group, and an event assistant for the On Edge Reading Series. My creative practice is a combination of intuitive making with my hands, and critical analysis of how we interact with objects, materials, and life! Outside of design and writing, I love to sketch with ink markers, practice yoga, go hiking, disassociate and notice how the everyday is innately surreal, and bake vegan goods!

I believe writing and discussing your work is an essential process to help realize and define your work. It helps bring a personal understanding of your own goals and intentions and helps to ensure this is being communicated to others. Let’s talk about what you’re making, and unpack all of those wonderful, sometimes chaotic, and creative ideas!