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Hello! My name is Thiseni (“th” as the “th” in thin, “iseni” as “ee-say-knee”) and I use she/her pronouns. I’m currently a 3rd-year Visual Arts major with a minor in Curatorial Studies.

I moved here when I was 10 years old, which has allowed me to be fluent in Sinhala in addition to English. It’s been a gnarly journey adjusting to two languages (I’m still not entirely comfortable with either), and I feel for anyone who has had similar experiences!

I write in both the academic and creative realms and have had the wonderful opportunity to have works published in the Bloom Zine Collective as well as the WITHINTENSIONS magazine!

I am grateful to be allowed to be a part of other people’s writing process! I love chatting about ideas and being a sounding board. It’s wonderful to be able to witness concepts be fleshed out and come to life on the screen with the ever-so debilitating cursor, or on paper now that we have face-to-face appointments!

I look forward to working together and hopefully making the sometimes-overwhelming process of writing a bit less scary!