Hi! My name is Thiseni (the “Th” as the “th” in thin, “iseni” as “ee-say-knee”) and I use she/her pronouns. Currently, I’m a 2nd-year visual arts student!

I was born and raised in Sri Lanka for the first 10 years of my life. This has shaped the way I approach my art practice as well as writing. I was taught English growing up, but I wasn’t prepared for the “type” of English that is spoken and written here. It was a steep learning curve, and even now I’m still learning! This has made me really interested in all the “Englishes” that exist out there, and I’m also learning how we can make space for all
these different forms in academia!

Apart from English, I’m pretty fluent in Sinhala and I know a tiny bit of Spanish (when I say tiny, I mean like minuscule). Also, I adore cats and plants! It is my ultimate goal in life to adopt as many cats as I can care for. A little writing-related fact about me: I actually used to write to a kids’ newspaper back in Sri Lanka and have gotten some pieces published!