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Aniin! Howdy Doo! Zoë nindizhinikaaz; My name is Zoë. I am a 4th year BFA Visual Arts major and SPACE minor. I’m into all kinds of writing and more so, building confidence in others to succeed and thrive in the world of literature and text, however that may look. I’m Anishinaabe Métis, born and raised in Métis Region 3. Prior to my time at Emily Carr I worked many years as a youth & family worker with my family run non-profit organization supporting our urban indigenous community in Calgary, AB. I take pride advocating for the many circles I am a part of, and I am always delighted to lend an ear, or an eye to help folks refine a passion and voice for whatever they’re writing about.

I dig reading science fiction and poetry, text as/in art, and graphic novels. I’m into a lot of very weird movies, the paranormal and I deeply value connecting with the land and territory I’m on while honouring traditional knowledge.