We are a community of writers supporting writers.

Our mission is to promote and support a culture of writing at Emily Carr.

We help people see writing as a process and a material practice linked to their art, design and media work: writing is integral to everyone’s academic and professional development, whatever their field.

Our philosophy is that all writers need readers–experienced writers, novice writers and everyone in between!


We Believe

Writing doesn’t have to be a solitary or isolating act. All writers need support, encouragement, motivation, and a fresh set of eyes. Below are our beliefs as tutors and writers of the Writing Centre.

Writing is a Social Act

We strive to create an open, welcoming atmosphere, to help writers reach goals in all areas of their writing practices. We believe writing comes from a place of engagement and connection and see writing as conversation. Before there is writing, there must be a spark of connection–between writers and readers, between ideas, between words. We believe the act of reading ignites purpose in writing. As with any art form, we believe it is necessary to expose ourselves to others’ creations for inspiration, motivation, and learning in writing.

Writing is 
Culturally Determined

We believe multilingualism is a strength. We strive to create space where readers can see where our intentions of writing come from, and how different cultural views can widen perspectives. We reflect the cultural diversity of the student body and actively challenge Standard English and its social implications. Different styles of writing, vernaculars, dialects etc. communicate things differently.

Writing is Thinking

We believe writing is an opportunity to make sense of our thoughts; expressing our fears, desires, and feelings gives us a voice. When we know what we value, we have a stronger voice and are better writers. We believe we write to understand our thinking. If writing is considered a form of thinking, how often do our thoughts come fully formed? One must continue to revise and re-approach a thought/work for it to be a mature investigation. Like thinking, writing can never be perfected. We believe that sometimes we write to figure out what we want to say. The act of writing can connect us to something that might otherwise feel distant. Yet, at the same time, we can always find ways to write about our interests, regardless of the assignment. It requires creativity to approach writing in this way, but it is that creativity and passion that will take us far in any writing.

Writing is Art

We believe writing is an extension of creative practice and a creative practice in its own right. Art is a language that expresses ideas in differently shaped words.There is room for art in all writing and writing in all art. The driest subjects can be made beautiful through word-crafting and bringing in something of ourselves. Like art-making, there are sketches, masterpieces, and everything in between in a writing practice. We believe writing does not merely reflect the world but is also an action in the world.


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